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The Plus Size Fitness Queen. From the tranquil shores of the U.S. Virgin Island of St. Croix, Tamara has emerged as a record-breaking athlete, a resilient mompreneur, and a motivation to all. Her journey, marked by her triumph over food addiction and obesity, inspires others to embrace mental resilience and celebrate every victory. Explore Tamara's world-record-setting story, and join her on a transformative journey. Discover how you can be part of this movement—book her for a speaking engagement, secure tickets to her upcoming events like the gym tour "My Strength Is My Sexy" or the powerlifting competition "Walcott Wreckers." Dive into her inspiring replay of the fundraising speech "Petals to a PowerMom." or explore virtual coaching. Start your adventure with Tamara today and unlock the strength within you.

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Meet Tamara Walcott, a woman who defies limits and embodies resilience.

At 415 pounds, Tamara faced a health crisis fueled by obesity and food addiction. Determined to change her life, she turned to lifting, finding solace in the discipline it brought. In just one year, she shed over 100 pounds through weight training, setting the stage for her remarkable powerlifting journey.

Now at 40, Tamara has achieved extraordinary feats in powerlifting. In July 2022, she set a Guinness World Record for the heaviest total weight moved by a woman in competition, lifting a total of 737.5 kg (1,620.4 lb) across bench press, squat, and deadlift. After breaking her own ATWR Deadlift of 636lbs in 2021 by lifting 639lbs in 2022.

Her journey in powerlifting began when she aligned with coach Daniel Fox, whose poured into her contiuously lighting the flame for her buring desires. Passing aways unexpectedly in December 2022 spurred her to step into a coaching role herself, inspiring others to pursue their strength and fitness goals like he did for her. Tamara felt it only right to honor her coach by hosting a fundraiser called 'Road to Victory,' aimed at sponsoring new lifters with equipment, stipends to compete, and more.

Tamara furthers her mission to empower others through strength attending strength events, judging and even hosting her very own powerlifting competition all while still raising two beautiful children. As a mother of two Tamara is not shy to balancing a hectic schedule, extending patience and loving unconditionally. Her family being her motivation for all that she does each day she pursues life leading them with courage, dedication and honest. Her daughter and son get to bare witness that it's never too late to rewrite your story and become the best

With eight victories in nine competitions, including a debut in Strong Woman at the Arnold 2023 meet, Tamara's story continues to inspire as she plans for future competitions and records. Learn More about her story when you Watch Tamara's speech 'Petals of A Power-Mom' for non-profit EAC fundraiser where she dig deep into her childhood and shares what lead to her being featured on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Sports Illustrated, Barbend, and other major platforms.

The world's strongest woman has a journey that inspires countless women, men and single moms to be confident in their skin, take control of their lives and achieve their wildest dreams.

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Tamara was featured in Guinness World Records after achieving the new highest cumulative total in powerlifting of 1,620.4 lbs

" Her latest achievement comes nine months after she set her first deadlift world record, at 636 pounds."

Maya A. Jones,


" By comparison, a female adult giraffe weighs about 680.3 kg (1,500 lb). Walcott’s record-breaking achievements have not come easy."

Aliciamarie Rodriguez,

Guinness World Records

"she could barely squat and was reduced to hobbling up and down stairs just weeks before her record-breaking lifts in July.""

George Ramsay,


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