The Powerlifting Meet We've All Dreamed of is Here!

Petals to a Power-Mom Replay

Before the records, there was a seed of greatness planted in Tamara. Listen to her story of dedication and growth, and discover how that seed blossomed into the powerhouse of strength and resilience we see today. Tamara's journey is a testament to the transformative power of dedication, inspiring us all to nurture our own seeds of greatness and watch them flourish.

My Strength is My Sexy Gym Tour

Meet Tamara in a city near you as she empowers lifters, both new and seasoned, to embrace their strength. Join her as she shares techniques to improve your deadlifts and squats, drawing from her own transformative journey with the sport. Feel her infectious passion and love for powerlifting in every moment, inspiring you to push your limits and redefine what's possible!

Petals to a Power-Mom Replay

S T A Y C O N N E C T E D!

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