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My Strength is My Sexy

Join us for an unforgettable experience at My Strength is My Sexy, hosted by Tamara Walcott and friends at gyms you know and love around the US! What began as a simple fireside chat has evolved into a dynamic event focused on education and empowerment through lifting.

My Strength is My Sexy encourages women to embrace their strength rather than shy away from it!

Powerlifting is not just about physical strength; it's a powerful outlet for stress relief and self-love. Many women worry about looking too masculine, but Tamara and her team of experienced lifters are living proof that you can be both strong and feminine.

In our first year, we sat down for intimate fireside-style discussions. As our communities appetite grew from wanting to 'learn about the inspirational powerlifter' to 'learning how to powerlift', so did our format. Now, we gather by the racks for squats, deadlifts, and bench presses, creating a powerful atmosphere of camaraderie and strength.

What to expect at THE MSMS Gym Tour Now...

The event kicks off with introductions and warm-ups, setting the stage for a day of lifting. Pro lifters follow their program, lifting comfortably, while newcomers learn proper form and gain confidence to add weight. Experienced lifters join to have fun and connect with Tamara, lifting to their personal bests.

For the loyal THIVE—the fans who support Tamara but may not lift—this is an opportunity to watch, take photos, grab merch, and even lend a hand loading bars for the community.


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